9+ Balance Sheet Formats In Excel

Balance sheet is a document which gives you the complete and accurate information of the assets which a company owns and also summarizes the information of the liabilities. All the assets either they are long term assets or current or short term are listed in balance sheet format so that the progress of the company may judge by the owners. Balance sheet has great importance to know about the strength and power of the business and let you know about whether the business is going in positive direction or is decreasing day by day. Balance sheet format build in excel is very helpful for you to determine the power of the business and also helpful to know about the complete picture of the business.

Elements of balance sheet format in excel

Financial statement may also be assessed by creating the balance sheet. Balance sheet contains the current assets, long term investments, property, current owes of the company and long term or fixed liabilities of the business. Balance sheet is quiet different statement from income statement because income statement only gives information about the activities over the selected or special period of time. On the other hand, balance sheet deals with the complete information of the company that what is invested in the business and what a company is seeking benefits from the invested money.

Simply we can say that the balance sheet presents an absolute picture or snapshot of a business in which the assets are the aggregate total of equities and liabilities. Balance sheet format is categorized in two types. The first one is account form in which two columns are present which are assigned for liabilities and equities respectively. The other type of balance sheet is report form in which only one column is present which is specified for assets, liabilities and equities.

Here is collection of balance sheet formats in excel

Balance Sheet Excel Format

balance sheet format 111

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Balance Sheet Printable

balance sheet format 222

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Balance Sheet Format Free

balance sheet format 333

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Balance Sheet Maker

balance sheet format 444

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Balance Sheet MS Excel Format

balance sheet format 555

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Business Balance Sheet

balance sheet format 666

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Balance Sheet Free Sample

balance sheet format 777

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Sample Balance Sheet

balance sheet format 888

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Balance Sheet Example

balance sheet format 999

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